Sunday, 1 January 2012

The How-To

How to put the showcases onto your account!

So first of all, you will need the Clipper. Just search up the Polyvore Clipper on Google if you don't have it. Next, after you get the Clipper, you come onto my blog and Click "Clip to Polyvore." A little box will appear in the corner of your screen. Then, one by one, click on the images you want for your showcase, you can name them whatever you want I actually don't  care :) Then, go to Polyvore and click CREATE-COLLECTION. Nw it will say to drag images or sets onto the screen. One by one, drag the 5 photos of the showcase on to the place where it says drag images or sets. IMPORTANT!!!! Make sure they are in ORDER; left to right. If not, your showcase will look messed up! Once done your collection, view it and click "Make this my Showcase." Now, voila, you have your showcase!

Hope my directions where okay! I'm not super good at telling directions :(
Also if you want a personalized showcase that I haven't made, just reply in a comment or on polyvore!


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